it’s time to take action

We’re channeling our
power to make the
Majority Rules real.

Since its launch, Ed Fund has reached millions of women and created our Majority Rules, a values-based agenda and vision for the future informed by conversations with women across the United States. In our community, women come face-to-face with the leaders of today and train to be the leaders of tomorrow. We’re making sure you have the tools you need to connect with your community and continue building a world that ensures equality in our communities, workplaces, and government.

Women already have the power—let’s use it

Ed Fund is a community for women who want to become advocates and leaders. We bring women together to learn from each other’s lived experiences, weaving a strong social fabric that encourages women to get involved and spark progress.

Everyone knows women are underrepresented in leadership roles, particularly those from historically excluded communities. That’s why we help women develop the skills and confidence to speak out for themselves and each other—and take their rightful seat at the table.

What are the
Majority Rules

Developed in partnership with more than 70,000 women across the country, our Majority Rules lay out a vision for the world women deserve—a world that is possible if we work together. We know that no one woman is the same, but our shared values ensure our collective power.

Rule 1

Our lives are safe.

Rule 2

Our bodies are

Rule 3

Our work is valued.

Rule 4

Our families are

Rule 5

Our government
represents us.

The lives and experiences of women—particularly women of color—are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges. From climate change to immigration to criminal justice reform, the people most impacted must be at the forefront of the solutions.

“The voices of women—particularly women of color—must be front and center as we strive for equality in our communities, workplaces and government.”


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