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Women bore the brunt of COVID-19 as medical and frontline workers, teachers, mothers and caregivers. We faced impossible choices when childcare centers, schools, and elder care facilities closed. Our leaders in Washington should be listening to us, the women who voted them into office.

Women already have 
the power — Let’s use it

The Supermajority Education Fund is dedicated to supporting a multiracial coalition of women who seek to become better advocates for themselves, for their families, and for their communities— and make the Majority Rules real for all women.

What are the Majority Rules

Women are different, but we are also united in our shared values. Developed in partnership with over 70,000 women across the country, our Majority Rules lay out a vision for the world women deserve.

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Rule 4

Our families are supported.

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Rule 5

Our government represents us.

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The Super Rule

Experiences of women, particularly women of color, are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges.

Words from our director

‘We will not achieve the change we need, from paid leave to raising the minimum wage, unless we harness the power we already have—the power of our voices.’