Making Your Reading List More Inclusive This Year

Supermajority Education Fund

January 7, 2020

One of the most popular new year resolutions is to somehow find the time, energy, and willpower to read (and finish!) more books. But whether or not this is one of your personal goals for 2020, every budding activist (or person who hopes to be more engaged) would do well to improve their understanding of how power operates through reading (and listening) more. 

That’s why Supermajority’s own Alicia Garza — who is also the co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter Global Network and founder of @BlackFuturesLab — shared this reading, resource, and podcast list of the works that have inspired her activism. 

On Day 7 of our #SuperJanuary resolution campaign — where we offer quick and simple, but ultimately impactful, daily actions to help build women’s political power — can you commit to adding at least one or more of these titles or podcasts to your list in 2020? 

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TOPIC – Race and Racism: 

TOPIC – Intersectionality

TOPIC – Activism, Organizing, and Protest:

TOPIC – Sexism / Patriarchy / How We Get Free: 




Follow Alicia and keep an eye out for her forthcoming memoir tentatively titled “How to Turn a Hashtag Into a Movement” in 2020!