The Majority of American Women Support The Impeachment of Donald Trump

Supermajority Education Fund

January 21, 2020

A new poll commissioned by CNN and conducted by SSRS found that the majority of American women — nearly six out of 10 — say the Senate should vote to remove Donald Trump from office. The first full day of President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate begins today, Jan. 21.

According to the Jan. 20 poll, about eight in ten, or 79 percent, of women of color believe Trump should be removed from office. By contrast, only 42 percent of men told the pollsters they supported the removal of President Trump from office. 

“There has always been a pretty big gender gap in terms of attitudes towards this president,” Lanae Erickson, a senior vice president of the left-leaning think tank Third Way, told Supermajority News. “Women have never been huge fans of Donald Trump and how he conducts himself or the chaos he creates.”

Women have also been among the biggest supporters of impeachment proceedings since Speaker Nancy Pelosi first announced the initiation of the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives last fall. A Nov. 27 CNN poll found that 61 percent of women were in favor of impeachment, while only 40 percent of men said the same.

According to Erickson, these numbers are a sign that that support for Trump is wavering among women who voted for him in 2016 — particularly women who voted for him because they were hoping for change. “They wanted to switch things up. They wanted to give him a try. We call them the Trump Triers,” she said. “They have been very turned off by his behavior and his inaction on the issues that they care about.”

Third Way has found that most women voters care about what Erickson describes as “kitchen table issues” like health care costs, gun control, education, and the rising cost of living. “They are also turned off by the president’s extremeness when it comes to issues of the heart,” she added. “They are very, very put off by family separation at the borders.”

Erickson added that she does not expect American women’s stance on this matter to change drastically as the impeachment proceedings go into full swing because “they are not thinking about impeachment as much as we are in D.C. They are thinking about how to put food on the table, how to put their kids through college and how to advance their careers,” she said. Candidates who offer solutions to those issues will garner the attention of women voters. “I doubt there will be a huge change in the numbers, but there’s a real opportunity for candidates in 2020,” Erickson concluded.