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We know one thing

Women are powerful

Women are already organizing in their families and communities. Supermajority Education Fund has your back to scale up your skills so you can make big change. Through our research, training, and original content — we will build you up, so you can break glass ceilings down.

Get caught up

Supermajority Education Fund is dedicated to building a powerful coalition of women across race, age, geography, and issue. We listen, we lead, and we never leave votes on the table.

Our programming reflects what a powerful majority of women in this country want and need to thrive. Informed by months of specialized research, deep listening sessions, and surveys conducted with nearly 20,000 women voters, our training programs produce second-to-none leaders, capable of having values-based conversations with women around the corner or across the country, and custom guides and checklists that provide women with the information they need to vote in every election.

93% of our community voted, and countless more in the circles of Supermajority Education Fund supportersSupermajority members had tough conversations about voting, misinformation, and the power of women to determine the outcome of the election and every election going forward. Women, led by Black women, voted overwhelmingly to move this country forward.

1.8 million people in our Facebook community read, reacted, or responded to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) content

225 million organic impressions across social channels in the 4 days leading up to and including Election Day

Our personalized GOTV messages and reminders on Messenger reached an additional 2.8 million voters


Now let’s change history.

What’s next

All women have the right to safety, dignity, and respect. We’re fighting back against anything that threatens that — misinformation, anti-voter legislation, and civic apathy —  by training women leaders, shifting the narrative, and growing our movement. 

By investing in women’s leadership potential; by researching what matters most to them, energizing their communities, and building a movement that’s 5 million women strong— that is  how we make the Majority Rules real for all women.