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Women are

Women are natural—born leaders. Every day, we flex our power in our homes, communities, and workplaces. Supermajority Ed Fund helps women grow together with their peers and gain key skills to thrive as next—generation changemakers and leaders. Ed Fund nurtures growth by bringing women together to learn from each other’s lived experiences. We support women on their journey to spark progress together.

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Ed Fund is dedicated to building a powerful coalition of women across race, age, geography, and issue. We listen, we lead, and we build community. Here are some of the ways we have made change so far—and we’re just getting started.


We celebrate the possibilities of our work, as the proof women need to believe change can and will happen. That’s why our programming is shaped by you—powerful women who are ready to become the next generation of leaders. Informed by specialized research, our training programs not only build a community of women ready to grow and make change together, but give you the skills needed to have values-based conversations with women around the corner and across the country.


Women are already powerful. All we need are the resources, tools, and community to supercharge our efforts. We work with cutting-edge media makers and experts in the field to give women and organizations working for women’s equality the information they want in ways that are accessible and compelling. And you can be sure we’re providing women with all the information needed to vote in every single election.


Together, we are getting closer to making the Majority Rules real. 93 percent of our community voted in 2020, and countless others had tough conversations about voting, what’s at stake if we don’t protect our freedoms, and the power of women to determine the outcome of this election and every election to come. Women, led by young women and women of color, voted overwhelmingly to advance this country forward.

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Let’s make history together.

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All women have the right to safety, dignity, and respect. We’re building a world that truly values women and our families by training the next generation of women leaders, shifting the narrative with research on what matters most to women, and continuing to build a nationwide movement to make the Majority Rules a reality.

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