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A new set of rules

It’s time for new rules that lift us all up—rules that value our lives, our work, and who we are. Because all women have the right to safety, dignity, and respect. Watch the video and take the pledge.

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Learn About the Majority Rules

Rule 1

Our lives are safe.

We live free of fear, intimidation and violence at home, at work and in our neighborhoods—no matter where we’re from, who we love or how we identify.

Rule 2

Our bodies are respected.

The health care system takes our needs seriously, from treatment to research to women making decisions about if and when to start a family.

Rule 3

Our work is valued.

We are paid equally for our work and get promoted equally too.The jobs primarily done by women—from teaching to caregiving—are valued and supported. All women can retire with dignity and enjoy the life they worked hard for.

Rule 4

Our families are supported.

We are no longer forced to make impossible and unfair choices between family and work. Providing the best care for our families, from infancy to old age, is possible and affordable for all of us.

Rule 5

Our government represents us.

From the school board to the White House, women are represented. The right to vote is protected and promoted, all voters have access to the polls and every vote is counted.


The lives and experiences of women—particularly women of color—are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges. From climate change to immigration to criminal justice reform, the people most impacted must be at the forefront of the solutions.


At Supermajority Education Fund

We provide resources, training, and information to help women, especially young women and women of color, harness our collective power so we can make this country work for us. And we start by rewriting the rules.

We refuse to wait any longer.

For 400+ years, we’ve been playing by their rules. (You know—the ones cisgender white men made.) Not any more. Women are the majority of voters in this country and together we have the power. It’s time for a new set of rules that values all of use — our bodies, our lives, and our work.

Alicia Garza, Education Fund Co-founder

“Women, and particularly women of color, are being held back by a system that wasn’t made for us. But women are the new face of power in the United States, and we will ensure our leaders and our national priorities reflect that.”