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2 min readJanuary 19, 2021


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The video celebrates the historic inauguration of the first woman Vice President of the United States and highlights the impact women of all backgrounds have made to our country.

NEW YORK, January 19, 2021 — Today, Supermajority Education Fund and Phenomenal Productions published a video celebrating the power of women who brought about the historic inauguration of our country’s first woman vice president and first Black and Asian American person to hold that office.  

The video, titled ‘The First But Not The Last,’ recognizes the trailblazing women who brought us to this moment through organizing, marching and voting. It features historical figures, modern day advocates, Supermajority Education Fund staff and everyday women who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our society is more equitable for the next generation. 

2020 was dominated by women as activists, candidates, donors, organizers, protestors, and voters, amidst a trifecta of an unprecedented pandemic, an economic crisis, and a racial reckoning. These past ten months have taken an unparalleled toll on women, particularly women of color, and yet women showed up and braved a pandemic, long lines, and other challenges to vote. Women, led by Black women and women of color, turned out in record-breaking numbers to elect new leadership. 8.6 million more women voted in 2020 compared to 2016. 

“This video celebrates the unapologetic joy, hope, sense of pride and anticipation that women – especially women of color – will be feeling on January 20th. We have worked so hard for this moment and nothing is going to stop us from celebrating our first woman vice president,” Supermajority Education Fund Executive Director Amanda Brown Lierman said. “Women know that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and when we come together across age, race and background, we are a supermajority that has the power to make change in our government, our communities and workplaces.” 

Through this campaign, Supermajority Education Fund and Phenomenal Productions hope to inspire women of all ages, races and backgrounds to celebrate this moment and pay homage to the women who have opened doors for them while committing to the work of holding the door open for the women who come after them. 

This video was produced by Meena Harris, Brad Jenkins, Elizabeth Baquet, Elle Kurata of Phenomenal Productions and Adora Jenkins, Christina Lewis, Amanda Brown Lierman, Meg Lazaros and Nicole Lopez of Supermajority Education Fund. 


Supermajority Education Fund focuses on research about the role and standing of women, educates the public about issues of importance to women, and supports policies that advance women. 

Phenomenal Productions is a full-service creative production house that produces videos, social content, design, and creative products for nonprofits, foundations, causes, and companies. Phenomenal Productions looks to stand at the intersection of culture and politics with a specific emphasis on communities of color and underrepresented voting blocs.