Supermajority Education Fund Partners with Ms. Magazine to Celebrate the Majority Rules in Latest Installment of Women & Democracy

Supermajority Education Fund

4 min readMarch 1, 2023

March 1, 2023




Supermajority Education Fund Partners with Ms. Magazine to Celebrate the Majority Rules in Latest Installment of Women & Democracy


In exclusive essays and videos, movement leaders articulate five key rules and the values they reflect—safety, respect, autonomy, full and fair representation


NEW YORK, NY—In celebration of Women’s History Month, Supermajority Education Fund along with Ms. magazine announces a collaborative essay and video series illustrating the Majority Rules, the latest installment of Ms.’s “Women & Democracy” series. 


Today, five of Supermajority Education Fund’s thoughtful voices have come together to answer the question, “What will it take to achieve a society that prioritizes—and achieves—true equality?” The Majority Rules, a set of rules that value all of us—our bodies, our lives, and our work—are the answer. Featuring animation by artist Molly Crabapple, the Majority Rules series is an artful video and essay series that brings the Rules to life as movement leaders articulate five key rules and the values they reflect—safety, respect, autonomy, and full and fair representation. Among the multiracial, intergenerational community of contributors: Stephanie Beatriz, Amanda Brown Lierman, Alicia Garza, Mariska Hargitay, Ai-jen Poo, Cecile Richards, Reshma Saujani and others. 


Supermajority, a women’s equality organization focused on building women’s political power to ensure that the issues we care about are front and center, was founded in 2017. In 2019, Supermajority co-founders Cecile Richards, Ai-jen Poo, and Alicia Garza partnered with trailblazing activists Deirdre Schifeling, Jess Morales Rocketto, and Katherine Grainger to launch Supermajority Education Fund, an organization with a similar mission to Supermajority, focused on building women’s power through research, education, and development programs that support women in growing their leadership skills. That same year, while having conversations with women across the country on a nationwide bus tour to discuss their vision for the future, Supermajority Education Fund created the Majority Rules, our guiding principles. 


When realized, the Majority Rules will build a world beyond our radical imagination—one that lifts up, supports, and cares for all people. Our work doesn’t end until each of these rules are a reality.


“Making the Majority Rules real isn’t a pipe dream—it’s something that can and will happen when women organize and vote together across race, age, and geography. I believe in the power of women. I believe women are the most transformational change agents in this country,” said Taylor Salditch, interim executive director of Supermajority Education Fund. “It’s an honor to partner with Ms. to bring the Majority Rules to life in such an extraordinary way and show what the Supermajority Education Fund community is fighting for.”


More about the Majority Rules:


Our lives are safe (video narrated by Mariska Hargitay; op-ed by Alicia Garza). We live free of fear, intimidation and violence at home, at work and in our neighborhoods—no matter where we’re from, who we love or how we identify. 


Our bodies are respected (video narrated and op-ed by Cecile Richards). The healthcare system takes our needs seriously, from treatment to research to women making decisions about if and when to start a family. 


Our work is valued (video narrated by Reshma Saujani; op-ed by Ai-jen Poo). We are paid equally for our work and get promoted equally too. The jobs primarily done by women—from teaching to caregiving—are valued and supported. All women can retire with dignity and enjoy the life they worked hard for. 


Our families are supported (video narrated by Stephanie Beatriz; op-ed by Amanda Brown Lierman). We are no longer forced to make impossible and unfair choices between family and work. Providing the best care for our families, from infancy to old age, is possible and affordable for all of us.


Our government represents us (video narrated by Alicia Garza; op-ed by Katherine Grainger). From the school board to the White House, women are represented. The right to vote is protected and promoted, all voters have access to the polls and every vote is counted. 


Explore the videos, art, essays and more at Ms.’s “Women & Democracy” site: The Majority Rules.


RSVP to the Wednesday, March 8, session that will be hosted by Ms. and Supermajority Education Fund, together with partners at NYU Law, to delve deeper into this series.



Supermajority Education Fund has reached millions of women and launched our Majority Rules, a values-based agenda informed by conversations with women across the United States. We bring women face-to-face with the leaders of today and train thousands of women to be the leaders of tomorrow. Through original content and cutting-edge research, we make sure women have the most up-to-date information on issues and topics they care about to share with their friends, family, and networks. We are already powerful. Supermajority Education Fund gives women the information, resources, and tools to be powerful together.


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