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As we build a  community of women across ages, races, and backgrounds,  we are committed to mirroring that community internally as well, and leading with our own set of values.


At Supermajority Education Fund, we have big visions for how to build a future where our Majority Rules are realized. But we believe how we do that is just as important as what we do.

We advance equity.

We are clear in our focus and undeterred in working to create equity for all women.

We are radically inclusive.

We prioritize diversity in backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives and center the voices of those who have been historically excluded.

We innovate and achieve impact.

We refuse to be limited by traditional thinking or tactics, and we let the end goal of intentional impact drive our approach.

We collaborate and lift each other up.

We celebrate the strength that comes from collaboration and are fully invested in the joy of our community and women everywhere.

We are bold and resilient.

We are not afraid to push boundaries, try something new, or fail, and we view each setback as an opportunity to grow and push further.

In Practice

Growing & Learning


Founded in 2019, Supermajority Education Fund is a relatively new organization. We are working every day to better live into the values above, and we are intentionally focused on cultivating an organization and movement that is gender expansive, anti-racist, and accessible.


At Supermajority Education Fund, we fight alongside trans and cisgender women, gender nonbinary people, trans men, and anyone who has been marginalized due to their gender. If you believe in the Majority Rules and gender equality, then you are a part of the supermajority. 

We understand gender as a social construct that has profound consequences on the lives of women and all marginalized genders. Our community is united by our shared experiences and struggles within a society that treats us as “less than” because of our gender. 

We know that gender can be a deeply personal and important part of our identities, shaping how we feel in our bodies and relate to the world. We are united not just by how our gender has been constructed and marginalized, but also by our collective strength, brilliance, and joy.


We are dedicated to building a multiracial coalition of women. In order to accomplish this, we must acknowledge that racism not only exists in our society, but has been structurally built into our everyday lives. Despite the fact that racism is antithetical to movements for gender equality (as Black liberationists have stated: none of us are free unless all of us are free) – we recognize the ways in which white supremacy has been wielded within mainstream social movements. We are committed to dismantling racism, both personal and structural, by equipping our community with the information and resources needed to practice anti-racist actions and behaviors.

Being anti-racist is a lifelong learning commitment and we are continually taking steps to reflect and grow in this practice. See our anti-racism guide that we use for events as an example of how we live our values, and email with feedback.


Our movement will only be successful if it is inclusive to disabled and neurodivergent communities. To help us succeed, our organization has contracted with Perkins Access, a division of Perkins School for the Blind, to provide role-based training for all staff members, including courses on Inclusive Design, Creating Accessible Content, and Multimedia Accessibility. From these learnings, we developed design checklists to help our team create and publish content that is more accessible to more people. In doing this, we hope to broaden our community and spark thoughtful conversations around each of our lived political, social, and cultural identities.

We are continuing to take steps to ensure our content is truly accessible, but we’ve still got more work to do! If you’d like to tell us about your experience accessing the content on our website or social channels, email us at