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The Power of Women Voters: We are the Supermajority

From now until the next election and beyond, Supermajority Education Fund will build a voting bloc of women – across age, race, and background – that will be recognized as the most powerful voting group in the United States of America.

Women are the Supermajority in the 
United States of America

Everything that matters for women and those we love is on the line. In every election since 1964, women have decided the direction of the country. Women vote in record numbers, not because we care about ourselves, but because “women’s issues” are the kitchen table issues that define this country. A multiracial coalition of women voters changed the direction of our country in 2020. Our power as voters can no longer be denied.

Women are the supermajority and it’s way past time that our government represents us.

How we'll do it

Growing Community

Building a 5 million member online community who are committed to the Majority Rules (a set of values that, if true, women would have equality in this country) and understand the importance of exercising their right to vote

Research and Narrative Shift

Conducting national research and polling to explain and showcase women’s political power and understand how it can be harnessed for change

Training Leaders

Investing in women as the innate leaders they are, and training them to be leaders and storytellers in order to get more women to take action on key issues

What we're up against

Threats to our voting power

Voting restrictions

Laws at the state and federal levels are making it harder for everyone to vote, but this is especially true for Black women and women of color.

Bad information

Misinformation, disinformation and “fake news” are targeting women to discourage us from voting for policies that benefit us 

Apathy and disillusionment

Women struggle, in the face of all we must overcome day-to-day, to see how voting will improve our lives and the lives of people we love.

The Majority Rules

It’s time for new rules that lift all of us up – rules that value our lives, our work and who we are. Because all women have the right to safety, dignity and respect. We stand together across backgrounds, races and generations. We are the Supermajority and it’s time for the Majority Rules to become a reality.

Organizing is Our Superpower

We're doing it all across the United States

Join a community of women representing all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

"We will not achieve the change we need, from paid leave to raising the minimum wage, unless we harness the power we already have—the power of our voices. Now is our moment to realize the progress seeded by the generations of mothers, grandmothers, aunties and sisters that came before us.”