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New Research Reveals the Importance of Engaging Young Women Voters
3 min read • November 9, 2023
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November 9, 2023
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November 9, 2023

New Research Reveals the Importance of Engaging Young Women Voters

Polling conducted by Supermajority Ed Fund and HIT Strategies underscores the opportunities ahead for building on the growing momentum of young women as difference-makers

WASHINGTON, DC — New polling released today by Supermajority Ed Fund and HIT Strategies indicates that low-propensity young women voters are engaged when they feel represented by the political system and connect with trusted sources who deliver the right messages. This research, which focuses on infrequent and non-voting women ages 18 to 35, is the first of its kind and analyzes an understudied and high-potential segment of the electorate. It found that, despite growing frustration and cynicism, young women maintain hope and a belief in their own collective power.

Young women are a rapidly growing share of the electorate and could soon become the most influential voting bloc in the country. As we mark one year out from the high-stakes 2024 election, the results of the consequential elections that have come before remind us that young women know the power of civic participation. This includes young women who are holding elected officials accountable when the issues they care about are left on the chopping block.

“Women have shown up time and time again and make up the largest, most influential voting bloc in this country. We can’t take it for granted that they will vote. With such important elections in 2024, Supermajority Ed Fund will be laser-focused over the next year on engaging women across age, race, and background to remind leaders everywhere what they’re capable of as a catalyst for change. When young women voters aren’t an afterthought, the issues that matter to us are finally front and center,” said Jess Herrera, senior director of communications, creative, and digital at Supermajority Ed Fund.

Key data from the new Supermajority Ed Fund/HIT Strategies polling includes: 

  • Over 90% of young women do not believe the government and political system work effectively, but most (60%) are hopeful that it could in the future. 
  • When asked why the government is currently not working effectively, most young women blame it on politicians being out of touch with the daily life of most people (50%), power-hungry politicians seeking control (48%), or corporate money having too much influence (48%).  
  • 42% of young women gave a rating of “high power” (between 7-10 on a scale of 10) to young women as a collective, while only 23% gave the same rating to the power of their individual vote.
  • When asked what traits are most important to their identity, their role in relationships (like being a mother, caregiver, wife, friend) stood out as the identifying trait that resonated with most young women (57%).
  • When it comes to important issues young women in the U.S. are prioritizing today, 56% said economy and cost of living, 42% said abortion access, 41% said mental health, and 40% said healthcare.

“Young women understand the underlying problems that make our government ineffective. The possibility to tap into this frustration and motivate civic action is clear. While these low-propensity, but high-opportunity young women have little faith in the people in power, they have significantly higher levels of trust in their shared womanhood.  Our research highlights the major opportunity we have to mobilize young women by reminding them of their collective power as a community to make change on the issues they care most about,” said Roshni Nedungadi, founding partner and chief research officer of HIT Strategies.

Read more about the new research here.

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