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Emma Redick (she/her)

National Organizing Associate

Emma Redick is the National Organizing Associate on Supermajority’s organizing team. She is the lead facilitator for all Supermajority volunteer and member events and her work is centered around training members and volunteers on the power of relational organizing. Through leading volunteer actions and events for members, Emma’s focus is to create a coalition of members and volunteers who are a revered voting block and powerful unstoppable community that organizes for tangible change for women and women of color. Emma facilitated Supermajority’s largest volunteer action in 2020, Superwomen Wednesday, which supported thousands of volunteers in a Get Out The Vote initiative that contacted over 8 million voters in target states. In 2021, Emma’s work with members and volunteers will continue to center how, as organizers, we can make the Majority Rules real for all women at all levels of government. Before joining the Supermajority team, Emma worked in youth education and equitable representation for women in athletics. She is a former D1 400m hurdler and team captain and spends her down time running, reading, or watching Saturday Night Live.