Natalie Hansford (she/her)
Communications Associate

Natalie Hansford (she/her) is the Communications Associate for Supermajority’s Communications Team, where she uses messaging, storytelling, and strategic communications to support the organization in building women’s power. As a proud biracial Black woman, Natalie focuses on centering the lived experiences of women of color in all her work because, as the Super Rule so rightfully says, these experiences must be front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges. Prior to joining Supermajority, Natalie worked at the College Board, where she crafted accessible English language arts curriculum for middle and high school students. She most recently worked at The Hub Project, where she implemented communications strategies for a variety of campaigns focused on voting rights, racial justice, economic equity, and other progressive issues. Natalie currently lives in D.C. and can usually be found searching for the city’s best oat milk latte, spending time with her adorable pandemic puppy, or binging all the trashy reality TV she can handle.

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