Zack Mooney (they/them)
Deputy Director of State Campaigns

Zack Mooney (they/them) is the Deputy Director of State Campaigns. By coaching, training, and staying in community with organizers and volunteers across the country, Zack implements our volunteer programs that speak directly to voters at the local level so we can make sure that ALL women have access to the power of their vote. In 2021, Zack is focused on our new Deep Conversations program where we have values based conversations to build political power with women voters across the country. Zack’s dream is for Supermajority to create a coalition of members and volunteers who are a revered voting block. Zack has 7 years of political and organizing experience, primarily in the New England area, most recently serving as organizing director for Massachusetts on Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign. Zack lives in LA with their 11 pound Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier named Leslie.

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