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Frequently asked questions

About The Women's Poll

The goal of this poll is to better understand the motivations, needs and interests of women from across the country—of all backgrounds, races, and ages — so we can co-create a rallying cry for change. We want to hear about your experience as a woman—including the challenges you have faced, how your identity shapes the way you see the world, and what you want to see changed for women in this country. We also want women in every community in this country, representing every life experience, to have their voices heard — so the more people who participate, the more representative it will be.

We’ve taken on this poll with the goal of being the largest-ever poll of American women, to make sure women and the issues we collectively care about are front and center for all of our leadership, the media, and the public to see. With the input of thousands of women through the Women’s Poll and national research, we’ll release the resulting campaign in early fall and use it to anchor our education and training efforts.

The survey’s objective is to understand the lived experience of people who identify as women, so it is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, regardless of their gender. While the struggle for gender equality is not limited to women, Supermajority Education Fund intends this poll to be the beginning of a broader exploration of needs. Our community is comprised of people all across the gender spectrum and as an organization, we welcome all people who want to fight for our shared values of humanity, dignity, and equity for all people, regardless of how they identify. Please stay tuned for upcoming projects that will address different communities.

You can send the survey to the women in your life!

Sure! We want to hear from all women.

We are conducting a national research project that includes online diaries, focus groups and a nationally representative survey sample. This project is designed to engage women and allies directly in an experience to envision the world we want to live in, as women.

All responses will be aggregated with tens of thousands of responses from women all across the country. We’ll be sharing the aggregated results, facts, and trends with our community and promoting our learnings across different media outlets—but no names or identifiers will ever be used publicly without express permission.
In order to get this poll in front of as many women as possible, we are working with partner organizations who share our values and asking them to share the poll with their members. Supermajority Education Fund will then share your responses with the partner you were referred by so that they, too, can better understand what the women in their organization need to live full, safe, healthy, productive lives. If you were not referred by a partner organization, your name and information will not be shared with any entity.

No – and this survey is produced by Supermajority Education Fund, which is not a membership organization. Supermajority, our allied organization, does have members, and they’d love to have you join (it’s free to sign up at! Supermajority is a new home for women’s activism and a community for people of all backgrounds, races, and ages who want to fight to make sure all of us are treated equally, no matter our gender. Supermajority will train and mobilize 2 million people, who will then help activate millions more in their communities, to make sure our voices are heard and a women’s agenda is represented in policy debates, in legislative fights, and at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, no.

Everything you need to take and share the poll is available at Step two of the process is referring your friends—when you register to do so, you’ll get a unique URL that you can pass along to the women in your life. As a bonus, if 10 people you refer complete the poll, we’ll send you a free tote bag to say thanks.
Another fun way to share the poll is to host a house party and have a discussion about the questions with your group of friends. All our best advice for throwing a successful house party is at the same URL.