What We Do

Ed Fund is focused on young women because we know they are powerful. Young women can build the world we deserve, a world that works for everyone—where our lives our safe, our bodies are respected, work is valued, our families are supported, and our government represents us. These are the Majority Rules, and we believe they are possible. But change can only happen when we do it together.

A graphic including five women of different races and a hand holding a sign that says march for our lives. One woman is holding a pride flag.

Our Expertise

 In 2023, we learned that young women know they hold power together, they are ready to make change on the issues they care about, and they want candidates that represent our values and make change.

What We've Learned:


90% of young women do not believe our government and political system work effectively.


More than 70% of young women believe in the strength of their collective power.


60% of young women are hopeful that our government could work in the future.

Our Programming

Ed Fund is channeling young women’s collective power through programs like Majority Leaders.

In June 2023, we launched the fifth iteration of our hallmark leadership training program with a refreshed, more flexible format we named the Majority Leaders Speaker Series. During five online sessions, young women joined in conversation with leading grassroots activists and elected officials to learn how we can make the Majority Rules a reality. Throughout the summer, participants gained insights from real leaders solving real problems, built community with other women, and developed the leadership skills needed to affect real change.

By The Numbers:


By the end of the Majority Leaders Speaker Series, more than 600 emerging leaders had attended the program.


The series celebrated a 94% satisfaction rate based on feedback from those who participated.


The programming featured speakers from five key battleground states, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Our Partners

This work was done in partnership with activists, elected officials, and groups across the movement. From national organizations like SisterSong and the National Network of Abortion Funds to young labor activists from Starbucks Workers United, on-the-ground organizations such as Progress Michigan, and elected officials like U.S. Representative Jennifer McClellan.


“Oftentimes, the hardest thing to do is to step outside of what is comfortable. Being OK with being uncomfortable is something that is really important.”

Our Values-based Agenda

All of the work that Ed Fund does is centered around the Majority Rules, our values-based agenda for the world we envision and work to create.

In 2023, Ed Fund, in partnership with Ms. Magazine and supported by the incredible talent of Mariska Hargitay, Cecile Richards, Reshma Saujani, Stephanie Beatriz, and Alicia Garza, brought that values-based agenda to life.

Through the interactive video, podcast, and essay series, we gave young women a vision for what the world will look like when we win. On social media alone, the series reached more than 100,000 users. 

Our People

All of our work is fueled by our incredible staff. We are so good at the work we do because we are our target audience. Our staff is 100% Gen Z and Millennial, and 70% are women of color.

Ed Fund makes our staff our first priority because we know we cannot make the Majority Rules real without doing it first at home.

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